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Festivals & Concerts

Updated 30 August 2011

August is the month for outdoor festivals & concerts where some of your greatest life-time memories and experiences may have occured.  Keep these memories alive by adding them to your list of festivals & concerts.

Waiting for something to happen

Updated 15 July 2011

Can an experience be more memorable if you wait a long time for it to happen?  Waiting a while for something certainly builds up a sense of expectation and a sense of excitement.  Waiting for a big event like a wedding or a holiday and gradually ticking the days off until the day finally arrives means that you will focus on that event ensuring that it becomes a significant and more memorable event.

We've witnessed a lot of waiting around for big experiences recently.  To get in to see Wimbledon on the day means that  you have to arrive at the famous tennis venue by 6 am and then wait in a line for hours with no guarantee that you will get in.  However, that it nothing compared to the dedicated Harry Potter fans who camped for days to see the premiere in rain and sun.

To see a much desired concert and get close to the artist you will have to arrive hours early if you want to get up close and personal.  These events like Wimbledon, seeing your favourite movie star at a premiere or watching in awe at your much beloved pop star all create a sense of occasion.  For these big events you are not doing it alone and there can be a tremendous camaraderie with those also waiting in line.  All these things help make your experience memorable.

Whatever you do whether it is an event you have waited a long time for or something that is fairly instantaneous, list your experience on mylifelisted.com and you'll be able to remember that experience forever.

Bucket list

Updated 4 July 2011

First of all happy 4th July to all our American friends.  How will you spend this day?  

People's lists hit the headlines this week in the English press.  A librarian, Lesley Evan's simple birthday wish list of things she wanted to do for the future somehow resonated with people. Her list included bell ringing, visiting a Suffolk town, bread making, horse racing, having a fish pedicure.  Bucket lists or wish lists are incredibly popular, but they are all about the things you want to do next.  What about appreciating the things you’ve already done?  The world seems to only want to look to the future, but satisfaction can often be gained more from celebrating and remembering the past rather than worrying about what you will do next.

Some people think that they don't do much, which is why they want to make a list of things to do for the future with the hope that somehow their lives will improve and they will do more, which is why Lesley Evan's simple birthday wish list, which had achievable things on her list made such an impression with the public.  We believe at mylifelisted.com that if you start to make a list of the things you've actually done, you will realise that you do far more than you think.  Adding to your lists is simple to do and over time you will come to appreciate all the things you've done including the simple things such as those on Lesley Evans' birthday list. 

Start adding the things you do at mylifelisted.com and you'll soon feel good about what you've done.

Location, location, location

Updated 27 June 2011

Where do you spend your time?  If you add your location to your items, you'll be able to see exactly where you spend you time.  Location uses Google Map functionality.

Whether you spend your time jetting off to exciting locations or you prefer to spend your time more locally, add your locations to your items and you'll be able to see on a map precisely where you spend your time.  Just as building up your lists over time is extremely satisfying so is adding pins to your maps.  

To see the locations that you've added you can either select just one list such as Restaurants and then select Map to see where you've eaten.  To see all your locations that you've added to mylifelisted.com select MY ACCOUNT, then My Profile and then select Map to see every location you've added.

Adding locations is so simple and it is great fun to see where you've been on a map. Feel good about where you've been and have fun looking at your maps.

The here and the not so now..

Updated 20 June 2011

So we now read that there are signs that the attractions of  Facebook may be peaking with news that there has been a drop in users in the US of 6m ,1.5m in Canada and 100,000 fewer British users.  

Facebook is a phenomenon with fabulous appeal.  However, it is all about the here and the now.  What's happening at that precise moment in time is recorded on Facebook for all your friends to see.  

We think the attractions of mylifelisted.com is the fact that it is not about the here and the now.  The benefits of mylifelisted is that you can look back on your life and see what you've done and how you spend your time.  It is a much more meaningful record of your life.  Diaries have the same benefit, but are difficult to maintain.  Keeping a list of what you do is so much simpler.  Things stand out in a list.

If you think it may be difficult to go back in time and  remember all the things you've done from the past, why not start adding to your lists from now and you'll soon see your lists build up.

If you don't write it down, it didn't happen ...

Updated 13 June 2011

Here at mylifelisted.com we're a great believer that if you don't write things down, it's hard to believe that something occurred.  How can you keep a track of what you've done if it is not written down?  People on a diet keep a record of the food they eat, athletes keep a record of their previous times so that they can track their previous times. Lawyers love written evidence. It is a far superior source of evidence than someone's oral testimony.  When something is written down it is more objective than someone's attempt at trying to recall what they did.

It can be hard to keep a track of what you do and that's why we have come up with this idea of listing what you do.  Far too many talk a good talk, but at mylifelisted.com we believe that actions speak louder than words.  Keep a list of what you do and then you can see what you did.  List it down and then you can be sure it happened.

Love lists love Facebook love mylifelisted.com

Updated 4 June 2011

Love Facebook then try our Facebook app.

You can now add to your mylifelisted lists via Facebook. This is another great feature we've added to make it easy to add items to your lists.

To access the app just click on the link.

http://www.facebook.com/apps/a pplication.php?id=189641544402 046

Adding to your lists on the go

Updated 6 May 2011

We've now introduced a mobile version of MyLifeListed so that you can easily add to your lists via your mobile phone.  

After you've seen the film, dined out, attended a sporting event....you can add your latest experience to your lists whilst on the go.  

Save our web app to your phone and start listing your experiences ..Feel good about what you've done

Updated 11 April 2011

Is it about what you do or how many times you do it?

Whether you have watched the same movie a 100 times, have seen a variety of movies or spend your weekend having a variety of experiences, it can make a major difference if you can count your experiences. 

It will give you enormous pleasure to know that you have read say 200 books or have been to see your favourite football team play in 15 games this season.  

Here at MyLifeListed we don't think there is an answer to the question is it about what you do or how many times you do it? The key is the ability to be able to remember those experiences.  For every new item you add you'll be able to not only remember that experience but mylifelisted.com will automatically count the number of lists you create and the number of items you add to your lists saving you the trouble.

Do you want to know how many movies you have been to?  Then start adding them to your lists on mylifelisted.com and you'll be able to know just how many movies you have seen.

Updated 4 April 2011

Adding items

Now is the time to start adding items to your lists so that you can remember what you have done.  

MyLifeListed is similar to a diary, journal or blog, but simpler to use and easier to manage.  By adding items to categories, it will take just a few moments to complete.

What did you do this weekend?  Did you celebrate UK mother's day?  However you spent your time, add items to your list so that you can remember the experience and start building your legacy.

Updated 28 March 2011

Improving dates

You can now decide whether to add the full date from the date picker or add only a partial date such as the year only or month/year only.  

As it may be difficult to remember exact dates from the past, this greater flexibility will be helpful when adding experiences from a while ago.


Thought for the week

Updated 21 March 2011

What a week

It's been an incredibly exciting week launching this fabulous website.

Now is the the time to start building your lists.

Please tell your friends about us as its even more fun to share your lists to see what your friends have done.



Thought for the week

Updated 14 March 2011

Welcome to all our new users.

Congratulations for having the courage to be early adopters of a unique website.

Enjoy making your lists and please tell your friends about us.

Thank you for signing-up to mylifelisted.