feel good about what you’ve done

Updated 11 April 2011

Is it about what you do or how many times you do it?

Whether you have watched the same movie a 100 times, have seen a variety of movies or spend your weekend having a variety of experiences, it can make a major difference if you can count your experiences. 

It will give you enormous pleasure to know that you have read say 200 books or have been to see your favourite football team play in 15 games this season.  

Here at MyLifeListed we don't think there is an answer to the question is it about what you do or how many times you do it? The key is the ability to be able to remember those experiences.  For every new item you add you'll be able to not only remember that experience but mylifelisted.com will automatically count the number of lists you create and the number of items you add to your lists saving you the trouble.

Do you want to know how many movies you have been to?  Then start adding them to your lists on mylifelisted.com and you'll be able to know just how many movies you have seen.

Updated 4 April 2011

Adding items

Now is the time to start adding items to your lists so that you can remember what you have done.  

MyLifeListed is similar to a diary, journal or blog, but simpler to use and easier to manage.  By adding items to categories, it will take just a few moments to complete.

What did you do this weekend?  Did you celebrate UK mother's day?  However you spent your time, add items to your list  so that you can remember the experience and start building your legacy.