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MyLifeListed will make you feel good. It’s simple and fun.

How can you keep your memories alive? How can you remember the things you do? By keeping lists of your experiences on MyLifeListed, you’ll be able to easily access what you’ve done, when you’ve done it, where you’ve been and what you’ve achieved.

To add a new item to your list, all you need to do is select a list, add a name ...it's that simple!

List Your Experiences

Whether it’s books you’ve read; movies seen; countries visited; cultural or natural sites of the world marvelled at; concerts or theatres wowed at; football matches attended; golf matches played in; restaurants eaten in; hotels stayed at; cars owned; homes lived in; charities contributed to; parties thrown… use MyLifeListed to record and remember all your special experiences.

MyLifeListed has come up with categories of some typical life experiences that you can list or you can Create Your Own categories to list whatever experiences you want, which will mean that you'll never forget what you've done.

Keep Count

MyLifeListed automatically counts each experience you add to your lists and also counts the number of lists you create. You’ll know how many experiences you’ve had over any period of time. This will help you weigh up and value how you’re spending your time.

Share With Friends

Share your lists with everyone on MyLifeListed or share your lists with friends only or keep your lists private.

Sharing lists and seeing other people’s lists will give you ideas and inspiration as to what other life experiences are out there for you to enjoy.

Have Fun

  • Add photos.
  • Add ratings.
  • Add comments.
  • View your lists in either table or list form.
  • See the location of your experiences on a map.
  • Add friends to your lists - see who you share your experiences with.
  • Download your lists.
  • Print your lists.

Search Lists

Want to find out even more information about your memories and experiences?  Search across all your lists to find the answers.

Use the search functions (basic or advanced) to create and save Smart Lists.

Smart Lists are your special lists created by the search criteria that you've used. When you create a Smart List it will update automatically when you add any more items that match your search criteria.

You can create a Smart List from any word you've added to any of your lists.

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MyLifeListed is simple and fun and will make you feel good about what you’ve done. MyLifeListed will help keep your memories alive.  

So start creating your lists now and build your legacy.

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